The Deep Effects Of Bullying and Autism – My own perspective

How deep does the effects of bullying go in an autistic person? Personally I am not sure so this is just my observations. It seems that the aftermath runs much deeper then I think it does. After all this was said and done I had talked to my son about his feelings. He mentioned that he was really angry and that it effects his character. I told him it was ok to be angry as he had every right to be angry. Somehow, he has to let the anger go so he can move on. We didn’t talk much about after that.

The other day he was so good at my parents. He was even really good in the morning. I came back from my appointment and we were driving home and well the acting up started. The antagonizing began with his sister. Then everything seem to escalate. Once we dropped off my friend he began talking to me about the rumors going around about him. The rumors are that he is gay. He is really upset about that because he isn’t. I just let him vent. I then tried to tell him he knew the truth and to let it go. This is not something he can let go. The other two were even worse then this rumor.

I can see how buried deep this has gone and I really don’t know what more I can do. We talk about it when he wants to and I listen. I try to correct some of the things he says because it isn’t right all the time all the things that come out of his mouth. It’s really hard because their is a communication barrier with expressive communication. So he acts out because of this. It has been very hard to watch him go through this. Yesterday I was seeing my counselor as I am looking for ways to manage the stress and anxiety I have. Well I mentioned the bullying situation and she said I have done everything I can. Well it doesn’t feel like I am doing everything I can. I feel there has to be more that I can do. In the back of my mind I am scared of the absolute worst thing he could do. Yes I admit it and it scares me. Another thing she told me was not to let him on social media or have his phone. How is that fair to him to not be able to do these. He doesn’t cause trouble on social media. In fact I monitor his account. I have blocked people who have caused trouble. I can block the numbers on the cell phone. Thanks to iPhone there is a block feature. He doesn’t go anywhere the way it is so I don’t feel taking away everything is right.

I don’t think really anything was done with this whole situation and I think it’s a shame. You can just go around making serious accusations about someone and get away with it. I am angry with the parents because I think they aren’t raising their son right. I really want to lay into the parents. I can’t because I have no idea who they are and I am not sure that I actually could be civil about it.

It’s hard enough for people with autism to talk about their feelings and get them out so they can be understood. It is going to take a lot of time and patience to work through this process. If anyone has suggestions I am wide open to them.


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