The Chalk Box Story – Storybook App Review

I am really excited to share with you The Chalk Box Story by Don Freeman. When I first saw the pictures of this book I thought could this be the book that I have been searching for a long time for. The answer is YES! The Chalk Box Story was my favorite story in Kindergarten. Yes I had to Google the release date and make sure it was the one I was thinking of. I am so happy to have the opportunity to share this story with my daughter as well.

This story is about a box of chalk with 8 different colors and a blank piece of paper. The 8 different colors of chalk that are in the box work together to create a beautiful chalk drawing that ends up coming to life. There is a little boy who is a stuck on a deserted island and a cute little turtle who rescues the boy.

What I like about this story is that it teaches about teamwork. In this story the chalks worked together to create a story that saved the boy stranded on the island.

I really liked the illustrations in this book. I thought they were beautiful done. What is also very creative about this book is that your child gets to pick up a piece of colored chalk during each part of the story and color the blank paper in. As they are coloring they can see the colors and different textures in the drawing. My daughter was really engrossed into taking the chalk and turning it into a beautiful drawing.


There is two narration modes of the story. There is an on and off. You can listen to the story or not. Either way your child gets to color the picture either listening to the story or not listening to it.

I really liked the bonus section as well. There are many ways one could use this bonus section. You could simple put the objects on the page and watch the animation. You could also get creative and tell a story while placing the animation. You could also ask your child questions such as What does a duck do?  What sound does a duck make?

The Chalk Box Story is available on ipad in the itunes for $3.99.

I highly recommend The Chalk Box Story for a beautiful and interactive chalk drawing adventure!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. I did receive a copy of The Chalk Box Story for my review. The opinions in this blog post are 100% mine!




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