The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide To Daylight Review

The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Daylight Review

If you are a homeschooling mom, then you know things can get busy with our school day and then trying to keep up the house. At least for me there are many days I feel over whelmed and sometimes I don’t feel like I accomplished other things that need my attention in the house. I highly suggest reading The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight by Real Life Press. The author of this book is a very experienced homeschool mom named Heidi St. John.

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When I first started reading the book Heidi touched on spending time with your spouse. I have actually thought about it a lot and some days I don’t get to spend that much alone time with my husband to just talk and unwind. My day gets busy and sometimes it carries into my night. I want that time and need that time with my husband. So we are making an extra effort so we get that time.

Next the book talked about chores/laundry. I really liked the fact that each child new how to do the laundry and there was even something called community laundry where that person who was scheduled to do their laundry had to do the community laundry. When clothes didn’t get folded they had a family folding of clothes at the table. I am finally caught up on that endless pile that I call Mt. Washmore. I am going to implement some sort of laundry system. It will be slightly different but it could really work getting the younger kids involved. I am also going to be making up a chore board and assigning different chores to the kids.

It also talked about organization and cleaning. My house is small and it gave me ideas for space and how important it is really to just declutter. I hang on to things sometimes because I think I may need them or will use them again. I guess in reality some of it I just don’t need and I need to face that I probably will not use it again. So now that our trips to Children’s are done with, I plan on taking 15 – 30 minutes each day and tackling one room to declutter and purge things. I want my house to have the least amount of clutter as possible.

She talked about schedules. I am not much of a person that follows a schedule. I sort of have one in my head. I plan out the kids lessons and know what needs to be done. I am not an hour by hour person. I have to be honest, I haven’t tried it. Once I can get back into a schedule that I can follow then I plan to start trying the hour by hour. That way I can see where our “White Space” is. White Space is free time and how we as a family and me as a mom can utilize that extra time doing other things. I really liked the different schedules in the book. It gave me a general idea of how to structure things. It’s ok if you don’t follow your schedule if things come up. It happens. Life Happens. I think I would do better if I could better schedule my time and and have a better structure for the kids.

Another topic was meal plans. I have to admit I don’t meal plan. I decide that morning what we are going to make. Lately things have come up and I got side tracked so it has been fend for yourself or something quick. I need to plan out ahead of time to save me some of that extra time. I love my crockpot as it saves time on dinner. Everything is done and ready when we are done with school work. I haven’t done freezer cooking but that is on my list to try.

Heidi talks about struggling and the story she told about her friend really hit close to home. About a mom who put her children into public school because of homeschool burn out and feeling like the relationships with her children were struggling because of homeschool. The mom struggled and her kids were disrespectful and rebellious. It talks about reaching out to other moms and just “saying it”.  I can so relate to that because I recently got to a point where I wanted to put my son in public school because I no longer could take his disrespectfulness and him being rebellious. Sure people think I have it all together on the outside but they have no idea how I am feeling on the inside. It’s hard to talk about because I don’t want to feel judged. It’s nice to reach out to other homeschool moms because some are going through it themselves and some have great ears and great advice. Talking to other homeschool moms has actually saved my sanity.

One of my favorite things that I read was “Whether you have a struggling reader or a blossoming genius on your hands, know this: God chose YOU with your child in mind.” I have to remember that I was equipped by God for this job. Somedays I wonder if this is the right job for me. I felt so so much pressure because I hear a certain person saying you gotta do this or he isn’t doing that and it really got to me. I know what he can do and for how long. I recently just found out that my son has hit his learning plateau. I thought all along I was doing something wrong. To hear the words that you are doing something right and a subject is higher then rest is just awesome. I guess what I am saying is exactly what Heidi says in the book is Trust that God will show and make a way for you. Don’t doubt him.

What I really like about this book is not only the advice but the personal stories and encouragement that Heidi shares. It makes you feel not a lone. It also makes you realize your not the only busy homeschool mom who struggles. It was nice to hear what has worked for her and her family. It is also very inspiring. I am really glad that I had the chance to read this book and make some changes and save time, so I have that extra time for more important things. I am also going to work on that schedule more!

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