The Bingo Song iPad Review

Do you remember as a kid singing the Bingo song? Well I do and surprisingly I still know it word for word. The Bingo Song by Kids Academy is their newest iPad App.



This app has two modes of the song. The first version is where you hear the singing and can read the words of the lyrics to the song in a cute animated video. Well what’s even more amazing is that there are fun surprises to discover as you go through the video by touching the screen.


In the next mode there is a karaoke mode. The song plays alone with no words being sung accept by your child. The words are at the top so they can read the words and sing along. In the karaoke mode you also have the option to record your own voice.



There is also another section to this app. You will a set of animal flash cards that encourage your child to learn more about who and what lives on the farm. There are questions on each card your child can answer. They can also hear the animal sounds on the card. There is also a recording option that lets you record a one minute story.



My observation of my daughter:

My daughter really enjoyed this! Everyday she finds time to play on it and sings, claps, and stomps along to the song. She plays both versions the singing version and the karaoke version. I love when she plays it back for herself. She was surprised when she touched her screen and saw the interaction. I think her favorite interaction is hearing bingo bark and the night sky where she can put a lot of stars in the sky.


My thoughts:

The graphics in this app are beautiful and eye catching. They have a lot of color. I found it easy for my daughter and myself to maneuver around the app. The song of course is very catchy and my daughter took to it right away. It’s a great way to learn a new song. I think the karaoke side is a hit! What kid doesn’t like to record their voice. I feel that my daughter also demonstrated some great gross motor skill development with the clapping and stomping.

Shhhh I have a secret to share….Yes I even sang along with my daughter, clapped my hands and stomped my feet. She would not let me karaoke the song with her. She told me to be quiet a few times… so yes even I enjoyed it.

I wanted to post a little video of the karaoke version of my daughter but decided against it because she is still making up her own words to the song yet and well a little late on other places. She just hasn’t mastered it yet. Although I still might.

My Over All Thought:

This is a great app for any age, especially kids that enjoy singing and music. The graphics are beautiful and the song is catchy, two things that catch your child’s attention right away. I highly recommend that you check it.

Where to Buy:

The Bingo Song HD – Can be purhcased in the app store for $2.99

There is also a Lite Verstion that you can try out for free! The Bingo Song Lite can also be found in the app store.

I noticed this was also available on Google Play and in the Amazon Market!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. However, I did receive a promo code from Kids Academy for my review. The review is 100% my own. 



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