Tender Moments in Autism

Tender Moments In Autism

For me life gets so busy with the hustle and bustle of our days that I sometimes forget to remember the tender moments. The tender moments are ones that makes us smile and for a minute forget the struggles we deal with from autism on a daily basis.

Memorial Day for us was an absolute amazing day! It didn’t start out great but it did change our whole day. It was a day where we stepped out of our comfort zones, to deal with crowd of people, siblings actually got a long (at least until the ride home), social interaction, no asking when are we leaving (except for the very end), and fun was had by all. This really was not a normal day for us. We don’t normally get this great of day. It is definitely something to hang on to and smile about.

We went to a church picnic. It wasn’t our church but it was one that our church does things with from time to time. Everybody brought there own meat to grill and a dish to pass. Some brought grills to cook on and others used grills that people brought. The food was amazing. I don’t think there was two of anything. I think that is amazing as normally there is something that is brought that is the same. I made brownies and brought them. They were freshly baked. I was rather proud of them as I learned a trick a couple days before where the edges of the brownies wouldn’t turn hard.


When we first got there my daughter wanted to go and play on the playground. I let her as she was within an eye shot from me. Then all of a sudden Dakota got up and said I am going to go and keep an eye on Brittany. I didn’t ask him to. He volunteered. I was totally shocked as normally if I would ask he would moan and grown. She had fun playing on the playground until she hurt her wrist. I think she just bent it the wrong way coming down the slide. After about an hour she was back the playground with the rest of the kids.


It was nice to be able to socialize with different people for a while, as well as meet new people. We ate our lunch and then I went for a walk on the trail with my friends son. The trail was really nice and it took out out to the lake. We walked on the path in a circle basically back to where we were. After the food the games began. There was a pinata, and I liked how they set the age groups up for that. It wasn’t all the kids at once which made it nice and all the kids got about the same amount of candy. There were other games but I don’t really remember what they were.


Shortly after the pinata, I noticed that my son and my friends son went over by the baseball diamond. He was actually batting and catching. I was totally shocked because normally he would opt out of playing. I was proud of him for stepping out of his comfort box to play baseball. They must have been out there for about a half hour.

Then Dakota followed Brittany again being a mother hen. He had to make sure that she was ok. It surprises me because I thought she would be annoyed and start growling at him. I also thought he would antagonize her. Nope it was actually perfect.

There was  a lot of laughs to be had. I was so proud of both of the kids as they were so good. I think there was some over stimulation on the way home because my daughter was really snarly to Dakota. I wish all our days could be like that day. There was no yelling or screaming, no asking can we go, no one saying “I’m bored”, no talking back, and no meltdowns. It was awesome. It was nice to see them both step out of their comfort zones.

This was completely opposite of most days. There is a lot of antagonizing and space invading going on in my house between the two. There are melt downs and anxiety about going places. One of them always asks are we going yet. So this was amazing! These days are few and far between! Now don’t get me wrong, we do have good days, however it just depends on the moods in this house.

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