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Heroes of History – Laura Ingalls Wilder – Review


Are your kids interested in life during the Pioneer years? My daughter has been reading Heroes of History – Laura Ingalls Wilder by YWAM Publishing. We also received a downloadable Heroes of History Downloadable Study Guide Laura Ingalls Wilder to go along with the book, that contains many activities for many different learning styles. There are 28 books in the Heroes of History Series.

Heroes of History – Christopher Columbus Review

Heroes of History Review

One of the things we really enjoy in our history class is to read different biographies about people from the past. YWAM Publishing has a nice variety of different biographies of both men and women of history. For this particular review we received the book Heroes of History – Christopher Columbus and a digital copy of the Unit Study Curriculum Guide. This book is for ages 10 and older.

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YWAM – George Washington: True Patriot Unit Study Review



My son is a big fan of Nonfiction and one of his favorite topics is George Washington. I was really excited to be able to read George Washington: True Patriot with him. We also had the pleasure of using the George Washington: Unit Study Curriculum Guide. Both of the items that I reviewed are from YWAM Publishing.


George Washington: True Patriot is just one of the books of Heroes of History. Heroes of History is a biography series that talks about how remarkable young men and woman have changed history.

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