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A Week In Our Homeschool – Week 4 – Enjoying a Day of Gorgeous Weather

Well all in all this week went pretty smooth for the most part. Tuesday took incredibly longer with Dakota as we had some things we needed to work on and focus. We also had cable out here and I spent so much time on the phone with cable that day as well. So by the time I was done with Dakota I was done for the day. So Wednesday Dakota had off and Brittany had to do her work. I normally don’t work like that. My mom was suppose to come out here Wednesday so I thought the way I had it planned was perfect. She ended up not coming because of the fact that we had a rapid thaw from it being warm/raining. My yard looked like a ice rink. Then we warmed  up again….We did take advantage of the warmest day. My yard again is a pond and my garbage and recycle bins were frozen in the water. That was fun trying to get them out while on ice.

A Week In Our Homeschool – Week 3 – Too High of Expectations??

I can’t believe we are 3 weeks into January already. This month is going by so incredibly quick. We had a really great week of schooling. Although there was somethings that I realized this week that were kinda heart wrenching and disappointing in a way. As a special needs mom, I want the best for my kids. I also want to set expectations so that they can do the things that they want to do. I also want to prepare them for whatever comes next.

Week In Our Homeschool – Week 2 – New Things

This week we started a couple of new things. I wish it was our new curriculum but that has to wait a little bit yet. I suppose you could so though these new things are new to us. I will explain later in this post. Our week was alright, we hit a couple speed bumps this week, because of a couple meetings. This week should be back to normal. I wanted to post this last night but our game night went pretty late.

First Ever Archery Medal

Yesterday while I was enjoying my quiet time, my husband took the kids to an archery shoot. A friend of my husband brought my daughter a bow to use for the archery shoot. Dakota has his own bow.

Besides my daughters love for ice skating she also really wants to learn how to shoot a bow. My daughter shot 29 of 30 targets. When she saw the park she was done. They gave the kids medals that they could wear just for shooting. They were on a red, white, and blue ribbon. I don’t remember if the pictures have the medal in them. I was trying to look for them this morning but my daughter must have put hers away somewhere and I can’t find it.

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