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Wordless Wednesday – Chalk That Glows….Really??

Last night Brittany decided that she wanted to use the glow in the dark chalk that she got for her birthday. So we made the chalk and poured it in to the trays. Was a little disappointed as one chalk did not set. It does not glow for 4 hours like it says.

The glow takes a bit to take effect once you draw with the chalk. I think the adults had more fun then the kids. My daughter was very tired by the time the chalk set. She didn’t really even want to use it.

Wordless Wednesday – Farm Fun

A couple weeks ago my parents took Dakota to my Uncle’s farm. Dakota had a blast while he was out there. He would tire himself out by the time it was bedtime and he would go right to sleep. As you will see in the pictures a few of Dakota’s favorite things.

Wordless Wednesday: Our Spur Of The Moment Trip

I will keep this short as this is suppose to be wordless. However we left on Thursday and headed to Milwaukee. I had only planned to stay for a day however the kids had other plans. We stopped one night at a friends and one night at my uncle’s. We had a blast.

Meet the band aid queens. I noticed while I was taking pictures of Brittany and her cousin they both had on band aids.

These two little girls had a blast playing with each other all day. They have the same big girl bike. They played so nicely. Really no fighting between them at all. Which was amazing. Brittany sure does miss her cousin.

Wordless Wednesday – Beach Fun

Yesterday we decided since it was not windy and not to hot or not to cold that we would go down to the beach to play in the sand and collect rocks. We will end up painting the rocks and turning them into rock creatures. It was in the upper 50s yesterday, I am sure the rest of the state was a lot warmer though. Love the lake breeze.

It was calm and not windy. Even the lake was calm.

When we first got to the beach Dakota whipped out his trusty rusty metal detector. He didn’t find anything today except a rusty bottle cap.

Bees….Oh My!! WW

I thought this would make a great picture for Wordless Wednesday. I was outside taking pictures of my daughter and we have these pesky hornet or wasps that fly by ALL the time. I caught her in one of her screaming moments.

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