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UltraKey Online Family Subscription – Online Typing Course For Everyone – Review

One of the most important things I can teach my children in todays technology world is how to type. I think knowing how to type with speed and accuracy is a really important skill that can last a life time. We recently had the chance to review UltraKey Online Family Subscription by Bytes of Learning. It is an online program that you use from your web browser. You don’t need to install it which is really nice.

The Typing Coach Review

Typing is a very essential skill that most of us need in todays technology world. My children have been introduced to typing through games and using a word process. At first they have had their own method of how they maneuver around the key board. I wanted them to learn more then just how to get around. We have been using The Typing Coach Online Typing Course by The Typing Coach to learn how to type accurately and more quickly.

Dakota VS Learning to Type

Over the weekend I was curious to see what type of typing programs there was that was good to teach typing to kids. I asked on twitter and I got a response from @jenhsmomsp2 and she suggests Dance Mat Typing.

Dance Mat Typing is a free program. So I decided to check it out today with Dakota. I tried to explain and show Dakota how to position your hands on the home row but I think it went through his ears. We attempted the first lesson which was the home row. I really liked that it displayed exactly where the fingers should be giving him a visual. However that visual didn’t click as I tried to show him again and again. He kept trying to use one finger.

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