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Special Needs Parenting— Some days are just frustrating!!

Friday was a really rough day! Most of you know that I have been trying to work on transitioning with my son. There are times I see some positive and then there are times I see some negative and I wonder if we will ever get over this bump. Now please when I say this I am not saying that he can’t or he won’t. I am speaking of this point in time, as I have no idea what the future holds and I can only work on building off of things now to prepare him.

Update on School Situation

Well I heard from the principal today. We talked about reading/language and it was just some communication problems between Brad and his teacher. Also on some days he missed he missed some important things and that’s where the communication problems are. She spoke very highly of Brad which was really nice to hear. We both are going to nudge him some more when he needs it.

As for Spanish I found out that he has 13 assignments he has NOT completed so Brad deserves the F no arguments there. I have to have a talk with him about this as it’s really not acceptable.

Weekend Update

Well it has been quite the weekend here. Things are really not going the way I wanted them too. I suppose when we want them to that’s when they don’t happen. Saturday night I was about to go to bed and Earl was in a lot of pain so I called the ask a nurse and we went through a billion questions only for them to tell us to go to the ER. Well my mom drove up to sit with the kids and we headed to Green Bay. He ended up with a 3mm kidney stone. We were to follow up with the Urologist today. Well for me Sunday isn’t Sunday till I go to sleep so that screwed up my days and my thinking. I got less then 2 hours sleep. Dakota was looking forward to the Shanty Day fireworks and I really didn’t want to go being tired. Well come to find out Shanty Days fireworks were canceled. I was disappointed but yet glad at the same time. My friend stopped over last night as we meet them down by the fireworks every year. So it was nice to see her and her family as I don’t get to see them often.

Thinking Back..

Recently I actually really thought about a lot of things. As most of you know I have a teenage son. I see the spunkyness, attitude, and sarcasm that literally drives me nuts. For example last weekend we found out that some boys here in town posted a nasty comment along with my son’s cell phone number all over xbox live. Well apparently come to find out it was up for over a week. I was really upset and angry about that. The reason being is I was once a victim of identity theft and ever since then there is that paranoia. It takes just the one right person and they know everything about you. So for my own protection I called the police. I wanted a police report on file in case something happened. I know it may be petty to some people but it was a huge deal to me. Supposedly the kid took the number down. Well almost a week passes and Brad gets a phone call on his cell phone. The kid or adult said that they got his number from xbox live. They were asking questions on if he ever still played a game on xbox. Brad said look could you please not call this number again. Well being the paranoid, freaked out mother that I am. I tracked the number to somewhere in South West Wisconsin. It was registered to 2 guys and a gal. Don’t know the ages. So I called the police asking if there was anything I could do. Of course nothing. So I ended up changing Brad’s cell phone number. I suppose telling you this story I got side tracked from my point.

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