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Amazing Valentine Weekend.

We had a busy but amazing weekend for Valentine’s. Friday was our 13 wedding anniversary. We had one night alone and on Valentine’s we made it special for the kids as well.

Thursday night my parents took the kids over night. We did some shopping and went out to dinner. The roads were bad and we didn’t want to try to drive home so we stayed in Green Bay overnight. .

Childrens Musuem Collage

Summer Fun At The Lake

Yesterday it wasn’t so hot and humid. It was warm but we had a little breeze so it wasn’t bad. I went with some friends and we all went down to the beach. The kids played in the water and they played in the sand and had a blast. To me the water was a little cold. It was refreshing. We wrote in the sand, made sand castles. I watched Brittany get water and dump it in a hole and wonder where the water was disappearing too. It was a great time.

My Daughter the Ant Bully

My daughter and I have spent the last three hours playing. It started out with about 5 minutes in the pool we came inside sat in the toy room and built with her blocks. I am rather amazed with how she remembers things and repeats things.

Wordless Wednesday

Sorry I didn’t get the All About Kids Tuesday meme up yesterday it was kinda busy around here. It will resume next week. Yesterday I had to set up for our city’s Night Out. It’s a big thing here. Lots of participants come and make this happen. The swat team was there, Eagle 3, Police, Fire, and EMTs. The bomb squad came with their robots. Many booths inside the gym. There is games, food and a dunk tank. I just went to set up and came home didn’t stay to man the dunk tank this year. My oldest wasn’t feeling good and he slept most of the day with one moody and the other whiny I didn’t think that was a good combination for him to watch the kids.

Endless Swimming from Vacation

I don’t remember if I posted the pictures of the kids swimming while we went on our little get away to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. While we were up there the kids got to swim like crazy. They had a blast. My daughter and my youngest son are fishes I swear!

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