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Pre-Primer Dolch Words Worksheets Now Released

Pre-Primer Dolch Words Worksheets Cover


Fresh and hot off the press! Pre-Primer Dolch Words Worksheets was created to help your preschooler or kindergartener learn the dolch words for their age level. You can use this as morning seat work, practice, or homework.

This set of worksheets is 50 pages and contains a set of flash cards and worksheets.

The flash cards can be printed twice to make a memory game to learn the pre-primer dolch words.

There is a worksheet for each word. The worksheet contains Read, Trace, Write, Color, and Find the Word.

New Release: Sea Turtles Unit Study and Giveaway

Sea Turtles Unit Study


Here is my newest release on currclick. Sea Turtles Unit Study focuses on the green sea turtle and the sea turtle life cycle. There is 5 pages of reading with pictures and activities to follow. All answers can be found in the reading. (30 pages)

Here are the activities you will find in this unit study:

  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • True and False Questions
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Coloring Pages
  • Life Cycle Sequence
  • Sea Turtle Craft
  • Creative Writing
  • Acrostic Poem

You can purchase the Sea Turtle Unit Study for $2.00 on Currclick.

Proceeds of Preschool Farm Unit Go To Double O Farms Fund

Yesterday I read a story about one farmer’s unintended fight for food freedom. I must say the story really touched my heart in so many ways. The Oaks family have been through so much and at the same time they still have the determination to keep going. I must say I really admire them.

I would really like it if you could take time to read the story One Farmer’s Unintended Fight For Food Freedom. There dream was to have a farm. The primary form of farming for them was natural dairy. The family become aware of all the statutes related to Raw Milk and created a cowshare program, which met all the guidelines as outlined by the state statutes.

FREEBIE: Winter Gingerbread Cover and Roll Game

Well if your following the facebook fan page you know that I have been in a Christmas mood much earlier then normal. I am starting to slowly make printables for December.

I think I am going to start working on some Gingerbread themes with my daughter Brittany. I can’t promise how many printables I will get done during the week. I do plan on sharing some Gingerbread crafts this week and some book suggestions.

My first set of Gingerbread printables is: Winter Gingerbread Cover and Roll. This is a dice game with a little twist. This is good for preschool through 2nd grades. You will find two sets in this printable.

Freebie: Fall Prewriting

Fall Prewriting Freebie:  is a very short unit consisting of 7 pages. Your child will be able to identify the word by the picture. Your child will be able to trace the word on online line and try to copy on another line.

I wasn’t able to find many fall graphics that I liked so this is very short. I plan on printing this and using this with my daughter.

I am planning on making some fall puzzles really soon. Those to will be free 🙂

You can get a short preview of the unit on Currclick.

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