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Day 5: St Patricks Day Crafts

Welcome to Day 5 of St Patrick’s Day. Instead of making the printable for my final day, I decided to do crafts. My son has been having seizures again and my daughter has been sick so this didn’t come exactly 5 days in a row! We are also going to be making some St Patrick’s Day foods over the weekend. Hope you all have a great weekend enjoy!

St. Patrick’s Day Splatter

craft 2

Shamrock Marble Painting Craft

For the past few days I have been wanting to get some crafting done for St Patrick’s day. But each day something came up and we didn’t do anything. I am going to try to have some craft ideas over the next couple days.

Today Brittany and I did some marble painting on shamrocks we cut out. She had a lot of fun rolling the marbles around in the pie pan with the paint. I love the effect of the marbles on the paper too.

Marble Painting Shamrocks:

You Will Need:

  • green and yellow sheets of construction paper

Round Robin – St Patty Idea

Amy from Keeping Up With the Schultz Family hosts Round Robin once a month. Here are the directions:

It is time to post something fun on your blog that you would like to share with other bloggers. Like a craft idea, a poem, fashion tips, a recipe, a “Meme” you may have on your page, a giveaway, if you have a business show off what you have, or anything your little heart desires.
It can even be an old post you may have that you want to share.
After you have your idea ready come on back to Amy’s blog and link up.
Then keep coming back to see more ideas, learn something new and even meet some new friends.
St Patrick’s Day Idea
Rainbow Table Topper – Sorry I don’t have a picture of this I came across it in one of my idea books. We are going to make one of these.
  • 9″paper plate
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