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Logic of English – Foundations Level C Review

LOE Foundations C Review

We recently had the chance of review Foundations Level C by Logic of English. This is our first time using this curriculum. My daughter really enjoys it and I feel that she is really comfortable using it as it seems like some of it has been review so far. I do plan on finishing the levels of the Foundations and then moving on to the next program.

Logic of English Foundations C_zpssyksuwnx

IEW Primary Arts of Language Reading Complete Package + Writing Complete Package Review

Primary Art Of Language IEW Review

One of things I struggle with sometimes is finding curriculum that will work with my special needs son. I have tried many different products for language but never found anything that meshed really well with my son until now. Institute of Excellence in Writing has a real heart for special needs kids and has programs that work well with various challenges. We received the Primary Arts of Language: Reading Complete Package and Primary Arts of Language: Writing Complete Package for Review. I have to say I am totally in love with these programs and would highly recommend them. What I received is for special needs children who are a struggling reader/write who is below grade 2.

Virtual Curriculum Fair – Playing With Words: Language Arts



I am really excited to be a part of the Virtual Curriculum Fair that is hosted by Homeschooling Hearts and Minds. I am always looking for new ideas for what may work with with my kids. This weeks theme is Playing With Words: Language Arts. This includes many things such as phonics, reading, writing, grammar, spelling, literature and etc. I will be sharing what is working for my kids. This is coming at the right time for me as I am on the hunt for first grade language arts for my daughter for later this year.

When It Rains It Pours….and Proud Mommy!

Well I am little bummed today. Dakota has had three episodes over the last week and half that I have suspected are seizures. Well today I realized Dakota is also on blood pressure meds so I took him to the Doctor. Well turns out was not the meds but Dakota is having seizures 🙁 Our new neurologist appointment is booked out to April. I am having my Doctor call them and we shall see what happens we maybe able to get in sooner. The good thing is he doesn’t appear to be sick and blood pressure was good. So now it’s a waiting game.

Exceptional Gains and a Step Backwards

My son Dakota has High Functioning Autism. Most of you who follow me already know that. This year I decided to homeschool my son considering how stressed he was at school. Yes the school did try to be creative and they really did try to accomodate him. However it just wasn’t enough to rid the stress and anxiety of being at school.

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