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Virtual Curriculum Fair Week 3: Exploring Our World – Social Studies and More Science



Welcome to Week 3 of the Virtual Curriculum Fair. This week our topic is Exploring Our World – Social Studies and More Science. The Virtual Curriculum Fair is hosted by Homeschooling Hearts and Minds. In Week 2 I have covered what we used for science so I won’t go into further detail in repeating it again this week.


5 Links To Use For Homeschool

One can never have to many links saved for homeschool. It seems lately I am finding a bunch of new to me sites for homeschool. As I gather them I think I will start sharing them each week so I can organize my bookmarks better. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

Teaching Ideas – seems like a really great place. I was looking for art lesson plans and stumbled on this one. It has a lot of everything from art, PE, music, history, literacy, math, science, geography, early years, and more. It is a free site. Resources at your fingers.

Favorite Part of Homeschooling – Lapbooking

My kids are the type of kids that have to be busy and hands on. I know that lapbooks, well some of them are ALOT of writing and others not so much. My kids seem to really enjoy them. I have really struggled with finding a good science and social studies/history curriculum.

These have been a life savor to me as my kids aren’t bored with the worksheets or work books. They get to cute and paste and even write answers. It keeps them busy and moving.

Exceptional Gains and a Step Backwards

My son Dakota has High Functioning Autism. Most of you who follow me already know that. This year I decided to homeschool my son considering how stressed he was at school. Yes the school did try to be creative and they really did try to accomodate him. However it just wasn’t enough to rid the stress and anxiety of being at school.

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