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Bumps in the Road and an Amazing Memorial Day


The last couple weeks we have had bumps in the road. We make so much progress and then we go backwards. Right now is the time we are going backwards. It’s frustrating but we will get through it. Seizures and high blood pressure are the bumps in the road right now.

Just When I Thought We Were Doing Fine…. BAM Steps Backward

Just when I thought everything was going well and we were making some progress….BAM got slapped in the face with my son having seizures. I was going to write about what our homeschool week was like last week but instead I have decided to write about what is going on.

Seizures again!

Well I thought we have been doing great since April. Today Dakota had a couple small seizures. 🙁

Dakota has picked up some stomach bug. He was pretty pale earlier and after the small seizures he was laying down a whole lot more. I thought he was starting to feel better around 4:30 as he was asking me to make Mac and Cheese for dinner.

Well I made dinner and he loves my homemade buns and rolls. He loves his mac and cheese too. Well I put the mac and cheese in a bowl and he didn’t want to eat it. Offered him a roll and he didn’t want to eat it. Said his stomach was starting to hurt again and is now laying on the couch.

Back from the Neurologist and Doing Well

Well Monday night I left to head down to Milwaukee the night before our Neurologist appointment. We stayed with my aunt and uncle for a couple days. We had a really awesome time. On our way down we saw three rainbows. Dakota used my iphone to catch the pictures.

The weather there was gorgeous too. On Tuesday afternoon we spent time outside. Brittany blew bubbles and we tried to fly one of her little kites that she got for Christmas but there wasn’t enough wind.

Seizures Might Be Our Next Bump In the Road

Last night I had such a bad feeling. I thought about the events of the day and I was starting to get really concerned. Dakota hasn’t had a grand mal seizure in a few years.

Now Dakota takes meds also for ADHD. When he doesn’t get these meds he is normally hyper. Saturday I had one of the 4 pills left. I gave it to him. However, my point is this. Dakota was ALREADY calm before I gave it to him. He had all his meds Friday. Sunday we didn’t have the ADHD meds and he was more low key again. Monday is what concerned me.

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