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The Ultimate Volcano Kit Review

The Ultimate Volcano Science Kit Review

One of the things I really enjoy doing with the kids is hands on activities. We had the chance to review The Ultimate Volcano Kit by Discover With Dr. Cool. This is a really nice kit that you can purchase for $14.95. The target age group for this product is ages 6 – 12. This would also make a great science fair project!



In this kit you receive: Volcano Mold, plaster, paint brush, paints, eruption powder, and three real specimens (pumice, obsidian arrow, and a geode). There is also a little booklet that you can read that talks about volcanos and activity booklet.

Baked Cotton Balls Experiment

Today I wanted to do something different with my daughter and something that was hands on. So I remembered seeing a Baked Cotton Balls experiment in one of my magazine. The question to ask before the experiment is: what happens to the cotton balls once you bake them?



I started out by having my daughter feel the cotton ball and describe it to me. I grabbed a handful of cotton balls, food coloring, 3 bowls, 3 spoons, some water, table spoon, and flour. I also preheated the oven to 300 degrees while we were mixing the paste and rolling the cotton balls.

Camouflauge Science Experiment

This past week we have talked a little bit about predators and prey in science. One of the experiments we did was a camouflage experiment. What I really liked about this experiment was that it really showed a good example of animals that are able to camouflage themselves in their environment and those that cannot. I felt it was easier to explain which animals could reproduce and be of mass existence and those that were on the verge of extinction. Well to me it was more visual for my son to understand.

Our experiments with Polymers – Bouncy Ball and Slime

Today we learned about natural polymers and man made polymers. Dakota learned that you can find natural made polymers such as rubber from trees and man made rubber. He learned about slime how it can be protective to earthworms to keep them warm as well as helping them travel along different surfaces. He also learned some fun facts about Borax.

We started out with an experiment to make a bouncy ball. However, ours was kind of sad so we didn’t take pictures. We tried to bounce it and it just plopped to the floor like a sad soul. He was a little disappointed that our experiment didn’t turn out.

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