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Saturday Linky Love – Yesterdays…

Welcome to Saturday Linky Love. What is it? It’s just a chance for my readers to link up there links. Simple as that and no catch.

Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes yesterday. I had a fantastic day. My mom and I went to Tuscan’s. The lunch was fantastic. I was stuffed when I left. I enrolled in school yesterday for Medical Coding and Billing Certificate. I have one year to complete it. I am looking forward to it. My daughter and I played outside for a bit. She loves the tire swing that is out there.

Saturday Linky Love

Good Morning! I don’t really have anything new to really talk about today. Except Brittany and I are still sick. Dakota seems to be feeling better. I took Dakota to the Doctor yesterday and he has the same virus as Brittany. I am loosing my voice so I know my kids are going to love that. HA I made some homemade cream of wild rice soup yesterday that was really good! I will share that tomorrow.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I am off to catch up on reading blogs as I am really behind from this week.

Saturday Linky Love

Good Morning. I got woken up this morning at 5:30 AM. I really hate early mornings. Well my eyes were still trying to adjust and focus this morning. I noticed that it was snowing outside. The ground is covered and all white. It’s just a little Lake Effect snow nothing major. I wish we would get another snowstorm. We really haven’t gotten that much snow this year. I plan on taking Brittany outside later.

I got some baking that I want to do today and maybe some crafting with Dakota if he is in the mood. I know he is anxious to have a game day. By game day I mean Board Games.

Saturday Linky Love and My Corner of the World

Good Morning! Well I think we are finally all over the flu  bug that has traveled through my house. Brad is the only one yet that hasn’t gotten the flu. I think if he is going to get it he should get it by Sunday. Other wise I don’t believe he will get sick. It traveled pretty fast since last Sunday.

Yesterday I spent the day deep cleaning the house to get rid of that nasty flu blug. Today I have a busy day as I have a meeting with some other Girl Scout Leaders as well as talking about what is being planned for nexts weeks Leader Meeting.

Saturday Linky Love

Good Morning! Well it’s going to be a busy day here today. I have to get ready soon as I have a Girl Scout Recruitment Day I am doing at the library. I am looking forward to this as they are always a blast. This will be my second one but the first I am doing on my own. I just did a recruitment Tuesday and we had a Princess Party with my girl and two girls came to join us. It was a lot of fun.

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