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Normal…What’s That?

Normal I don’t think I know what that feels like anymore. The last few weeks have been full of processing, biopsy, surgery, waiting on results…and finally being able to have emotion through all that life is tossing me. I am still not done in this journey. I have to see the surgeon on Wednesday and the Oncologist on Thursday. Once I have all the details, I will write a post. In fact I have a couple future posts about Emotion/Autism through this experience. So be watching for that.

Our Home School Week – One Day Throws The Whole Week Off

Home School Week

This week wasn’t any better then last week. Somethings were beyond our control such as the weather and I think Monday really made the whole week rough. I have to do more thinking as one of the programs my son is in, is causing conflict, upset, anxiety, and just throws our day off. I also think it disrupted the whole week as well.

Back to School – Autistic Kids

Well it’s nearing that time again. The kids start school in September and I have to begin thinking about getting Dakota ready. I already know he doesn’t want to go back and since there is less structure here during the summer it might be a hard transition. I already have the bedtime and morning routine so that won’t have to change. I know mornings are going to be difficult so within the next week or two we are going to have to start getting up early for practice before school.

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