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“Food Brings People Together” – Red Gold Tomatoes Review and Giveaway

Red Gold Tomatoes Review and Giveaway

If you recently seen the new Red Gold Tomatoes TV ad, then you have seen that it highlights that food brings people together. Red Gold Tomatoes is a family owned and operated business. The best part about Red Gold Tomatoes is that it only works with local family farms to grow their great tasting tomatoes to ensure that our families are getting a product that has been grown with love and care.

If you noticed the TV ad then you have seen the main dish highlighted, that would be Lasagna. Lasagna is a great family friendly dish. In fact it is one our family favorites. I don’t make it often but when I do you can bet it doesn’t last long.

Toonia Storymaker – iPad App Review

I have a really cute app to share with you today. You get to create, read, and share illustrated stories. The app is called Toonia Storymaker. This app is for kids ages 4 and up. I also think this would benefit both my kids as both fall on the Autism Spectrum. If I played around with it more, I bet I could come up with some great social stories to use that I could base off the different emotions.

Rosie’s Doll Clothes Patterns Review



When I first saw Rosie’s Doll Clothes Patterns come up for review, I was really excited. I talked with my son and my mom about it, and come to my surprise my son said he would like to learn to sew as he wouldn’t mind making his sister some doll clothes for Christmas. Well I don’t think he did to bad for his first time. Practice will make perfect. Learn How to Make Doll Clothes Video Course with 8 Free Doll Clothes Patterns has really taught us a lot, even a beginner can do it. If my son and I can do it then so can you 🙂 I should let you know that the learning consists of 12 months worth of online access which I think is definitely well worth it.

Haunted House – 3D Pop-Up Activity Book iPad Review



Haunted House is a 3D Pop-Up activity book by Story Toys. Don’t be afraid of these ghoulish monsters they are actually really adorable. There is a lot of ghoulish activities to do in this activity book. Each game allows you to win a badge. How cool is that?

screen568x568 (2)

The first game is pumpkin picker and you have to search the for 10 pumpkins on your way to the haunted house. Along the way you encounter different monsters.

Spooky dresser is where you get to decorate the jackolantern with different objects that you get to choose from. There is different hats, side items, and other decorations.

Fairy Tales For Clever Kids App Review

Fairy Tales for Clever Kids is a collection of world-famous fairy tales accompanied by questions. The app is Free to download. With the download you get The Ugly Duckling in your collection.

The graphics in the story are adorable. Even the ugly duckling is cute! You will have to read each page to your child. At the bottom of each page is an interactive question. For example on the first page you drag a little egg to the basket. The next page may have some sort of reading comprehension on it.

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