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“Food Brings People Together” – Red Gold Tomatoes Review and Giveaway

Red Gold Tomatoes Review and Giveaway

If you recently seen the new Red Gold Tomatoes TV ad, then you have seen that it highlights that food brings people together. Red Gold Tomatoes is a family owned and operated business. The best part about Red Gold Tomatoes is that it only works with local family farms to grow their great tasting tomatoes to ensure that our families are getting a product that has been grown with love and care.

If you noticed the TV ad then you have seen the main dish highlighted, that would be Lasagna. Lasagna is a great family friendly dish. In fact it is one our family favorites. I don’t make it often but when I do you can bet it doesn’t last long.

Good Day Wisconsin – Summer Craft Fun and Tasty Red Gold Tomato Recipe

Today has been an amazing day! Good Day Wisconsin was a lot of fun to be at this morning. I was so very nervous about being on TV, I forgot stuff that I wanted to say. I guess you could say I was camera shy. Definitely a new experience and at least I know what to expect next time. I am a little bummed out that my daughter didn’t go with me as she was so looking forward to going. Instead she watched from the living room being sick. She did have some fun when I came home and you will see how shortly.

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