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Free Telling Time By The Hour QR Codes

Hot off the press: Telling Time By The Hour Using QR Codes. If your not familiar with QR Codes they can be really awesome and give a child a sense of indolence when learning or reviewing materials. In this freebie you will only find by the hour time. There is no AM or PM in this printable.

If your not familiar with QR Codes I created a video to show you what they are and how to use them. You will need a smartphone or tablet. You will also need an app that is called a QR Code Reader. You can find free apps in both iTunes and Google Play. I am not sure about Kindle. I am sure they do exist there as well.

FREE: Spring Math QR Code Printables


I have been wanting to make some QR Code printables for a while. You will need a smart phone or tablet. Inside the printable I have suggested a couple QR Readers. You can also search for FREE QR Readers on your own in the app store.

PicMonkey Collage

This math packet has three printable math pages. The math is very basic addition. I created this for review with my daughter. I also plan on making some skip counting printables maybe over the weekend. I have an idea also to make some for grammar.

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