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Complete Home Learning Suite by Essential Skills Advantage Review

ESA Review

For the past few weeks my children have had fun practice language and math concepts using the Complete Home Learning Suite by Essential Skills Advantage. This is a nice supplement to add into your homeschool. The subjects covered are math, reading, language & grammar, science and geography. The grades that this is geared for is K – 6.


Brittany Update

Well this morning was our Doctor’s appointment. She looked over Brittany and said she looks great. No bumps, reacting great, not sluggish, no ear infections, everything was good. She said it’s possible that Brittany had a seizure before she fell out of the chair and it’s possible that she knocked the wind out of herself which caused the reaction. She said that if we wanted to have an EEG done to be sure we could. There was no wrong answer. I went back and forth on it all day. You see EEG’s are only the moment in time. Sure it might give me a little piece of mind. But I can’t say for me it would rule it out. I will then just continue to watch her after the eeg. I wouldn’t be thinking this if the EEG she had before didn’t show a slight abnormality. I feel it has to be done. My husband on the other hand thinks that she knocked the wind out of herself and it wasn’t neccessary but if I wanted to do it for peace of mind he was ok with it. See my husband doesn’t always say what’s on his mind. We went down this road with Dakota before and he was the same way. I think it’s just he doesn’t want to believe there is anything wrong.

911 Call and Major Hysteria

Well today was a day that has emotional worn me out. Brittany was sitting on my kitchen chair which is by my computer. I was standing right next to her mind you. She had my camera and took the batteries out so I was putting the batteries back in and she was moving herself. I remember her sitting against my desk and the next thing I know she is lying on her back on the floor. I have no idea what in the world happend. I picked her up and she was trying to cry but couldn’t breathe. I kept telling her to breathe. I laid her down on my bed and her eyes rolled back into her head and her little body was stiff. Dakota lightly shook her and said Brittany breathe she came back to and her eyes rolled back into her head and her body was stiff.

The Joys Of Diapers!

Well my little princess has not gotten her little Princess potty chair. The diapers have come off. If she would sit on that little potty just a little longer she just might get the tinkle in the potty instead of my floors. She nailed my floors three times. Sigh… So another washing of the floors it is tonight after they were just washed today.

This is the part I don’t like. It’s removing the dipaers!! This is going to be a very long battle of potty training I can see that. Although she knows potty and where it is. She just has to make the connection now. She is all happy sitting on top of her little pink and white jeweled thrown!  Thanks Grandpa!!

MOM VS Little Miss Houdini

Well for the last week my daughter has been giving me grief. The little stinker decides that she doesn’t want to wear diapers. Well I put regular clothes on her and she doesn’t want them on and off comes the diaper and low and behold she decides she has to pee on my floors.

Well I thought I was smarter then that so I started putting on zipper pajamas with the feet. Well that little stinker has figured out zippers and off comes the diaper and low and behold she decides she has to pee.

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