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Alligator at Saw Grass Road Storybook App Review

Alligator at Saw Grass Road is written by Janet Halfmann and illustrated by Lori Anzalone. Alligator at Saw Grass Road is part of the Smithsonian’s Backyard series by Om Books.

Cuddly As A Bunny – Storybook App Review

Do you like story books that you can personalize? I absolutely love them. My daughter loves to take self portraits when she reads these books. It is a lot of fun for her to have an excuse to play with the camera on the iphone and ipad. Some of the self portraits she takes are funny.

Cuddly As A Bunny is a really cute personalized story by Om Books, your child can dress up a cute cuddly bunny. You can take new pictures or you can use ones that are already in your photo library. In this particular book your child can dress up as a cuddly bunny, wooly lamb, frisky kitty, a Dalmatian puppy and more. Your child will enjoy the play sounds and the interactive objects as well as seeing themselves in the story.

Picture Me Cute As A Bee – StoryBook Review

If you like personalized stories for your kids then Picture Me Cute As A Bee by Oceanhouse Media is a book you will enjoy. The story is a spring like story with baby characters dressed as fuzzy bunnies, bumblebee, flowers, baby bird and a hungry bear.

My daughter enjoyed seeing herself in the story. She also really adored the babies in the story. The story is also interactive. You can move some of the animations around as well as hear cheerful babies laughing and other sounds that go with the story. I really liked that  I could use multiple pictures through the story. Also the ease of taking a picture right from the camera function in the app was very convenient as well as being easy to adjust the pictures to size.

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? iPhone App Review – Fun and Silly Story

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? is a fantastic Dr. Suess story about different noises Mr. Brown can make. This story is compatible with  iphone, ipad, and ipod touch and you can find it in the itunes for $2.99

Oh, the wonderful things Mr. Brown can do! Join the fun as Mr. Brown displays his talent, imatating everything from cows and trains to a hippopotamus chewing gum. CHOO CHOO CHOO and GRUM GRUM GRUM! This wildly wacky story of sounds and words will keep readers giggling all the way through. Whether it’s eggs frying in a pan or a big cat drinking SLURP SLURP SLURP, Mr. Brown can do it, how about you?

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