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Exploring Our World With Social Studies – Virtual Curriculum Fair Week 3

Exploring Our World With Social Studies Virtual Curriculum Fair 2015

Welcome to Week 3 of the Virtual Curriculum Fair. This weeks theme and topic is Exploring Our World: Social Studies and more Science. The co-hosts of this week’s curriculum fair are Susan from Homeschooling Hearts and Minds and Stacie from Super Mommy to the Rescue. The Clip Art on the Virtual Curriculum Fair button was done by Story Rock. You will notice a linky at the bottom of this post. The linky will take you to other homeschool bloggers that share what curriculum they like and what works for them. This is a great time to see different curriculum to give you an idea for future curriculum as well as a peek inside. I know I am always looking for new curriculum. If you would like to know more about the curriculum fair visit Susan’s Introduction Post so you can see what other topics have been covered and what is coming up.

Middle School Monday – Week 2 North Star Geography – Maps

Middle School Monday at Homeschool Coffee Break
This week I have decided to join in on Middle School Monday hosted by Homeschool Coffee Break.  This past week has been a short one for us as with hunting season upon us I had to get things ready for my youngest son and husband to leave for the weekend. This week is also another short week.
We have completed week two of North Star Geography. Last week I mentioned that we were using interactive notebooks while we work out way through the book. The interactive notebooks have come in real handy. What I do is look at how the week is planned and what I feel that my son might need to know. I create foldables with questions and vocabulary that he has to answer. Then we glue them in a notebook. My son has autism and also has a cognitive delay so I allow him an open notebook for his tests and quizzes. At least then I can monitor if he is taking notes properly or not. It also comes in handy as a reference tool or even if we want to review something.
We started working on our vocabulary words for the unit. He had to write the definitions in the flaps. I wrote the word on the outside. I also added in a couple extra things such as things you would find on a map. He also had to define them as well. I think it will only reinforce what he needs to know when he is looking at a map.
We also had some hands on activities with the maps as well. We had to measure how far it was from the city we live in to the capital of Wisconsin. We also had to figure out how far it was to Washington DC. While we were at it we measured other places for distance. There was a scale on our map that we used. We measured how far and then we multiplied the number of time we created the scale to find the distance. We also looked up driving times on the computer as well just for the fun of it.
We also did a search on how far it was from Algoma to Chicago. The answers that we got were interesting. If you were able to take a straight shot right down Lake Michigan to Chicago it would be 189.15 miles. Since we cannot do that and we have to drive it is 216.52 miles. I thought that was rather interesting. I think we maybe should have tried to see how far the driving distance for Manitowac, WI to where the ferry lands in MI. I bet the miles would have been a big difference.
We had to read the story of Atlas and Hercules. Hercules had to find the golden apples because the King wanted him gone for a long time. He had to ask around for them. Well he had to hold the sky up for Atlas so he could get the golden apples. Atlas does bring back the apples but he doesn’t want to hold up the sky. Hercules tricks him to take back the sky. What I had my son do was build Atlas holding up the sky in Minecraft. Excuse the YOLO (You Only Live Once) as I have no idea what was going through his head at the time.
Next week I plan to put together a Virtual Field Trip for our next lesson. So stay tuned!

Interactive Notebooks Have Been A BIG Thing For Us This Week

Interactive Notebooks

This week we finally had a great week with homeschool. It has been hectic the last few weeks because the kids have been sick. I think we are finally back on track. The scary thing is the kids are starting early and we are finishing early, which means more swimming time 🙂

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