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Save Our Skins Campaign

One thing Dakota and I have learned while homeschooling is that Polar Bears are becoming extinct. We have watched several shows about Polar Bears. They are very interesting animals. Honestly they are one of my favorites so when I was asked to share this campaign I was more then willing.

Save Our Skins is a new campaign by Earth Justice, this is to educate the public about congressional measures that will put a strain on the environment and several species of endangered animals. Earth Justice is a renown non-profit public interest law firm, who is dedicated to protecting Earth and its resources. What I like about this campaign is it tells the story through three animals that have been threatened by a number of anti-wildlife legislation tactics. The three animals are the gray wolf, the salmon, and the polar bears.

The passage of Congress’ current budget bill are a series of anti-Wildlife proposals that would strip Endangered Species protection from the gray wolf, expand offshore oil drilling in the Artic that could harm the polar bear habitat, and take away water intended to restore rapidly declining salmon runs. Sadly, all three of the species are already struggling to stay alive. Polar bears live in the harshest climate on Earth and are now being hit by climate change, salmon must fight there way past damns and irrigation pumps just as more and more of their water is siphoned off for human use; and wolves were slaughtered to the brink of extinction until recovery efforts in the 1990s pulled them back from the edge.

I want to share with you the three stories from the wolf, salmon, and polar bear later. All they want is just to be alive. I don’t think that is too much to ask. If someone was threatening where you live you would want to fight back. Just like children we are these animals voices and they too have a right to be heard. I think that drilling for oil in the polar bear habitat is just selfish as it’s a way for the oil companies to get richer. It doesn’t benefit us in any way except to raise the cost of the prices we pay. All it takes is everyone writing a letter to the Senators Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell. Once I am done posting this I will be doing my part to send a letter.

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