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Dig-It! Games Roman Town App Review

Dig-It! Games Roman Town App Review

The kids really enjoy it when I add in iPad games to our school day. They have so much fun sometimes that they don’t realize it’s a learning game. My son and I had the chance to review Roman Town by Dig-It! Games. The app was used on our iPad.

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Update on School Situation

Well I heard from the principal today. We talked about reading/language and it was just some communication problems between Brad and his teacher. Also on some days he missed he missed some important things and that’s where the communication problems are. She spoke very highly of Brad which was really nice to hear. We both are going to nudge him some more when he needs it.

As for Spanish I found out that he has 13 assignments he has NOT completed so Brad deserves the F no arguments there. I have to have a talk with him about this as it’s really not acceptable.

Disgusted With Our Middle School

Yesterday I was talking to my son Brad who you all know is in Middle School. I was very upset and FURIOUS when I heard a few things from my son. It wasn’t the first time I heard it or the first year I heard it. Let’s sit now and dissect what I am really disgusted about.

First off there is a teacher and I won’t name names nor will I say what she specializes in. However I even seen the text messages. Because this isn’t the first time I heard this I really do believe the kids. This teacher is such a fake when you talk to her. She acts like she has the students at heart and that is a load of crap. I won’t get into details about that as that is a whole other topic.

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