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CTCMath Homeschool Membership Review

CTC Math Review

Are you looking for a way to supplement your math curriculum? Do you have a child who struggles with math? I would recommend checking out CTCMath Homeschool Membership by CTCMath.  You get an unlimited access to all the lessons, across all the grade levels. This curriculum is for all ages.


A+ Interactive Math – Math Mini-Courses Review

Math Mini Courses Review

Does your child have areas in math that they struggle in? Maybe you are looking for something that would be great for review. A+ Interactive Math now has Math Mini-Courses. For this particular review I was able to take a look at two different courses: Time and Money.

The Math Mini-Courses are affordable and allow you to a one year access. The price range on the course ranges from $9.99 to $19.99. This would be an ideal way to bridge any learning gap that your child may struggle in. The courses are online and are good for one year. Everything you need to teach is available at your finger tips. The program even does the grading for you so you don’t have to. The programs offer a very basic in-depth review to a more advanced level. There are a total of 20 courses.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

Super Teacher Worksheets

Lately I seem to find myself looking for worksheets for review for the kids, more so my son as we learn skills and if we don’t use them it’s like he files it away in his brain but retrieving it sometimes is an issue. I also have been enjoying building on the kids skills as well. Super Teacher Worksheets has been able to fill the gaps for me when it comes to finding things for review as well as new things I can introduce to the kids. I was given an Individual Membership for this review.

FREEBIE: QR Codes Counting On

QR Codes Counting Page

My daughter needs some work in the areas of counting on. I guess I could have called this, what comes next. Either way the child is counting on. The next freebie I am going to make is counting tally marks. As she can count by fives but when she counts by fives she forgets to switch to ones. So that will be my next project.

You will need a mobile device and a QR Code Reader App. You can find these for free on both iOS and Android.

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