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Curious Kid & Clock – Playtime – App Review and Giveaway

Curious Kid and Clock App Review, EdApps, Homeschool

I am really excited to share with this review of Curious Kid and Clock – Playtime. This is one my daughter really enjoys to play and she is learning at the same time. Before I started writing this review today I took a little video of her playing this and she said “Mommy I love this game I played this on your iPad when you weren’t looking.”  The kids have the iPad2 and I have the iPad Air, and the iPad2 must have been dead so she snuck on mine.

EdApp, Curious Kids and Clock Playtime App Review and Giveaway, Math App

Mission: Math….Sabotage At The Space Station iPad Review



Mission: Math….Sabotage At The Space Station is an iPad app developed for girls ages 9 and up. What really had me curious about this app is that Kata Enterprises is seeking to empower girls to be self-assured and educated in math, science, and technology.


It starts out by telling a short story which in turns the S.M.A.R.T (the Science Math and Radical Technology Agency) needs your help as the space station has been sabotaged. You use your math skills to repair the science labs and find out who sabotaged the space station.


Numerosity App Review

Thoughtbox is a new Irish educational software provider that delivers learning experience in specific subject areas centered around gameful learning, and has launced a new app called Numerosity for the ipad.

I downloaded Numerosity and gave it a whirl myself. See the little yellow dog in the picture. That is Skruff. He whimpers if you get the answer wrong.

In the game there is basic math that contains addition, subtraction, multiplication, Division and Negatives and the Order of Operations.

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