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The Runaway Bunny Lapbook

Brittany and I spent the morning working on a Lapbook for The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. This is a really cute book about a little bunny that wants to runaway. However Mommy Bunny always has a response for this little bunny and at the end the little bunny decides he isn’t going to runaway. Don’t want to spoil it to much as it’s a really cute book.

We used the lapbook from Homeschool Share and there was a cutting sheet and craft idea from Kids Soup.

The Christmas Kitten Lapbook – By Dakota

Tonight we worked on another Lapbook. The book we read was called The Christmas Kitten by James Herriot. I believe that is how you spell his name. The book takes place in England. A kitten name Debbie goes into a house and eats and sits by the fire for a treat. The cat sorry not kitten stays no longer then 10 minutes but stops by daily. While the Debbie wasn’t seen for a couple weeks and when she returns she brings her kitten in her mouth and lays by the fire. Debbie is really sick and passes away. Debbie leaves her kitten in the place where she felt the most comfort. While Mrs Pickerling decided to keep the kitten and it brought joy to her. It was a nice story however a little sad at one time. The kitten is like no other. I better not say any more or it will spoil the story. LOL

Abe Lincoln The Boy Who Loved Books – Lapbook

Since Dakota loves lapbooks we have decided to spend some time working on some fun lapbooks. Yesterday we worked on Abe Lincoln The Boy Who Loved Books. Dakota and I really enjoyed reading this book. It talked about Abe at different ages and what he did but the thing he liked the most was want to learn and to do that he read books. It told us that he lived in 4 different states. The final stop was Washington DC as President. He talked with settlers that would pass through and learned what they were here for and where they were going. He discovered there was a world bigger then him.

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