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Sticker Play: Knights, Dragons and Castles App Review

If your child loves the medieval times then you have to check out Sticker Play: Knights, Dragons and Castles. This is an amazing app that we seriously could spend hours playing. This is interactive sticker book with sound and animation.


There is a wide variety of knights, king, queen, dragons, catapult, battering rams and many other things to choose from to make your scenes. You have 5 different scenes to choose from.


Toy Repair Workshop iPad Review

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I think my daughter now has another new favorite app: Toy Repair Workshop by Jump App. Let me tell you she held my iPad hostage last night. There was no way I was every getting back on that things until she had literally fallen asleep.

This app lets your child become a toy making specialist. Your child will fix broken toys that other children bring into the shop. Your child will fix broken dolls, scratched cars, and many more. Your child can use their imagination to make whatever combination they want when they fix the toy. Once the toy is fixed the child in the workshop will display an emotion of whether they were happy or not with the fixed toy.

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