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iPhone/iPad Favorites Week 8

Seems like forever since I posted our favorites. Each week I plan on posting our weeks favorite apps. We surely download enough of them to try and we play the ones we are addicted to over and over again. There are a couple even I have been playing a lot of. Some of these I have bought and others were free. I hope you find a couple that may interest you.

iPhone/iPad Favorites Week 7

Each week I plan to share what our favorite apps of the week. We are always constantly downloading new apps. Some are free and some are paid for. I love to share our favorites as it’s a great way to find out about apps you don’t know about.

iPhone and iPad Favorites Week 7

I know this is a day late but I had to get this out. Things have been a little crazy here and I am slowly catching. Each week I want to share with you our favorite apps of the week. We download a lot of different apps each week and there is always a new favorite.

I also want to share something from one of our favorite developers. Apps By Auryn is sharing a freebie everyday for the month of March to celebrate National Reading Month. Each day I will share them with you on the Super Mommy To The Rescue Fan Page. We have downloaded each one so far this month. But our ultimate favorite is Love You To The Moon and Back. There is not one that I can honestly say I have been disappointed with 🙂

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