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Dr Panda’s Cafe – App Review

Do your children love to cook and bake? My daughter absolutely loves to be in the kitchen with me learning how to cook and clean. Now she can be in her own little kitchen in Dr Panda’s new app called Dr Panda’s Cafe. Your child will get a hands on look at working in restaurant by seating, taking orders, cooking, serving, and cleaning up for some really cute and adorable animals. The suggested age for this is 5 and under, however my daughter is 8 and absolutely loves this app.




Guest Post: Must Have iPad and iPhone Apps For Better Life Organization

Apple has created some pretty marvelous gadgets lately that enable human beings to live better, easier and more beautifully. Here’s our list of must-have apps to assist the busy person and to achieve better organization.

ParkPatrol is an app that I have only recently been introduced to. It is an app that I can no longer live without and has saved the day many a time. It is a parking reminder app and uses GPS to let you check-in your vehicle. This only takes one click. A message is then sent to you warning you of parking officers in or around the street. Save your bacon and get on this app.

iPhone App Favorites Week 3

Each week I plan on taking some time out and sharing what our favorite apps of the week are. We are constantly downloading new apps every week to try out. Some are free and some we purchase. Right now I am only writing them up for the iPhone. In a couple weeks I will be starting to include iPad. Some are just fun game playing and others are educational. I have some apps for the iPad that look like they will be great additions to our homeschooling. However, until we get iPad I can’t tell you about them 🙁

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