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Transition Conference Part 1 of 5 – IEP

Last weekend I want to a transition conference sponsored by YIPPE, which is Youths in Partnership with Parents Empowerment, it a series of five conferences. This was our first month and it was simply more amazing then I thought it could be. This months topic was about IEPs.

Meeting Update

Well I had the meeting with school yesterday. The Special Ed Director wasn’t there as his father is sick and I understand that. So the principal sat in on the meeting. I was very overwhelmed with everything yesterday so I couldn’t really write a post last night like I wanted too. I had to call the principal this morning and clarify a few things.

First off all they did get a fax from the Doctor. However it was only the diagnosis and not the recommendation we thought it would be. Which I was royally upset about at first. Then we continued our talks and I let our in home counselor talk. By the way her court thing was cancelled so she was able to come. Thank goodness she was there too.

Finally Getting Somewhere Now…

Today I wanted to share our little Easter story with you all but I think I will save that for tomorrow. I got great news today well maybe not great but hey at least it’s a start right.

Today I took Dakota to the Doctors for his routine med check. We talked about the last couple weeks and how aggressive Dakota has been. I told him about the melt downs as well as the punching, throwing things, biting, screaming and yelling. I also told him that last week while he was off he was good as gold. Don’t get me wrong he wasn’t perfect but he was a lot calmer and relaxed.


Well a couple days ago I got the first denial letter for one of the Virtual Public Schools. Which is ok because after looking into that one I wasn’t impressed. There reasoning was they couldn’t met DJ’s special needs.

Well today I got a letter from our own school district. He was need all three Virtual Public Schools because of the fact that it would be a financial burden. Which is what the letter said I kid you not. So I got really ticked off and called the Super Intendant and had him explain to me why? To me it’s about the money and not the well being of a child.

So Frustrated

You know I have been on this rant for a while with the school and tonight I got even more upset and frustrated. I really can’t wait until this school year over. I have had enough with incompetent people who really are totally uneducated about autism and really don’t care to learn about it.

I got an email from the special ed teacher Friday saying that they were going to continue the half day. So to me that meant the start time would continue to be 11:50. Since this start time we did have our struggles but Dakota did his homework with me very nicely. Towards the end of the week he was even more chatty and happy. He even wanted to do things again. He wanted to go places.

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