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Super Teacher Worksheets Review

Super Teacher Worksheets

Lately I seem to find myself looking for worksheets for review for the kids, more so my son as we learn skills and if we don’t use them it’s like he files it away in his brain but retrieving it sometimes is an issue. I also have been enjoying building on the kids skills as well. Super Teacher Worksheets has been able to fill the gaps for me when it comes to finding things for review as well as new things I can introduce to the kids. I was given an Individual Membership for this review.

Free Printable: Stellaluna Writing Prompt

We have the story of Stellaluna. It’s about a bat who gets seperated from his mother and ends up with a family of birds. It’s a really cute story.

I created a writing prompt to use after reading the story. There is regular lines and lines for younger kids in the short little packet.

You can download it in the link below.

Stellaluna Writing Prompt

Bobcat Unit Study – Free Printable

Well I spent the morning working on a Bobcat Unit Study. This unit is 30 pages long. I created this unit for grades preK through 4th grade. I hope you enjoy it. You will find Bobcat Info, Reading Comprehension, Word Search, Unscramble Words, Crossword Puzzle, Copy Work, Puzzles, Size Sorting, Letter Tracing, Fact Tracing, Tic Tac Toe and I am sure I am forgetting something. I hope you enjoy the unit.

Please leave me a comment below. Also there is a page for you to draw your own bobcat. Feel free to upload the pictures to the Super Mommy To The Rescue Fanpage. I would love to see them.

Mini Pink Unit – Free Printables for Preschool

Hot off the Presses: Mini Pink Unit printable for preschool. This unit consists of a coloring page, color the P, Magnet/Bingo Dotter Page, Trace the words, and 2 puzzles. Hope you enjoy this little mini unit.

You can download the Mini Pink Unit by clicking the link below:

Mini Pink Unit By Super Mommy To The Rescue

If you have any ideas for themes you would like to see please let me know.

Have a great Sunday!


Spring Printable Part 1

This morning I spent some time making some printables for my daughter. I plan on making a few more but I wanted to share them as I go. Today I made a Tic Tac Toe and Simple AB Pattern Game. As I go I plan on making some printable handwriting sheets also for bigger kids. I am slowly learning how to make some of these on my own so I ask that you bare with me through the beginning stages. After all things get better in time. Please note at the end of this post I will share the link to download my printable. In case your wondering yes it’s FREE!

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