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Our Homeschool Week – Rough Week

I thought we were doing great the last two weeks with our normal setting back in….then WHAM!! Our week didn’t go so hot. Monday and Friday I was back in the doctors office. I am on my third infection since my surgery in September. It sounds like I may have to sort of relieve September again. She is calling the radiologist to find out if an ultrasound or mammogram would be better. Apparently they are picky post op! So I am waiting to find out.  I am kinda hoping they can get me in before the end of the year, as my deductible is met. They are looking to see if there is an abscess or something else going on. If there is an abscess I will be back into the surgeons office and will have surgery again! Really not happy about that. My dad also is in the hospital he has been there since Thursday.

Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit – Review

I love to incorporate hands on activities and crafts into our school day. I also love it when the kids can just be let loose to get creative as well. We had the chance to review the Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit by ACTÍVA ProductsThis product will come in handy for projects that you can use in your homeschool as well as any crafts ideas you may have. If you would like to see some of the many things you can do with their products you can download a FREE ebook of ACTÍVA Favorite Sculpture Kids Crafts to check out for yourself. 

Sculpture Technique Model – ARTistic Pursuits Review – Fun Way Of Learning Art

ARTistic Pursuits Review

My kids had no idea that learning how to make sculptures could be so fun and messy at the same time. We received the Sculpture Technique Model book by ARTistic Pursuits, Inc. for this review. This particular book is geared for kids in upper elementary through high school. If your looking to add art to your homeschool curriculum I high suggest checking out ARTistic Pursuits as your child will learn a lot about art and have fun at the same time.

Sculpture Technique Model_zpsa5t3bgkt

ARTistic Pursuits Review – A Unique Homeschool Art Curriculum

Are you looking for a unique homeschool art program? Then I highly suggest checking out ARTistic Pursuits. The curriculum integrates all the components of fine art education by engaging students to build a visual vocabulary and using critical thinking skills as they explore creativity, art history, and art techniques. It’s like a hands on program using real art materials and tools.


We reviewed Early Elementary K – 3 Book 1: Introduction to Visual Arts ($47.95). I was really intrigued when I first learned about this. I was even more excited to receive this.

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