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Our Week of Homeschool – And A Mini Getaway

This week went by so fast but ended on a really fun note for the kids. We actually got away for a night and I even got to tie homeschool into our get away! I love when I can do that. What’s even more I love that the kids had fun! I am waiting patiently for the end of the month to come so I can order our new curriculum for the year.

Edible Outer Layers of the Sun Project – #STEM

Edible Sun

We are currently working on the sun, and I decided to incorporate a STEM project into my daughters learning. The project we did was making edible outer layers of the sun. She currently is learning about how hot the sun is, the gravity, how big the sun is, and so forth. In future lessons we go further into learning about the sun. We watched a few videos on YouTube to learn more before we did our project.

The videos we watched were:

Surface of the sun as you’ve never seen it

The Top 10 Amazing Facts About the Sun

Make Your Own Paper Plate Sundial

DIY Paper Plate Sundial



Learn how to make your own paper plate sundial! It is super easy to make and it is fun to observe time as it passes. The reason for the sundial experiment was we are learning about astronomy. Today we talked about calendars, moon phases, constellations, and seasons. People used these different things to tell what time or season it was.

A sundial is a clock that uses the suns position to tell time. The sundial has a rod that sticks up and the rod casts a shadow. On the surface there are markings that are used to tell time.

Weis Earth Science Museum – Spur of the Moment Field Trip

Weis Earth Science Museum

Today we headed to the Weis Earth Science Museum for a spur of the moment field trip. We couldn’t make it to Neenah in time for the showing/funeral service of my husband’s uncle. My daughter had a doctor’s appointment this morning. He did make an appearance with my son to the gathering. He dropped off my daughter and I at the museum.

The museum was very interesting. It contains information about history of Wisconsin and science.  It’s not very big and probably only took us 30 minutes to go through.

T Rex Claw

T Rex Head

5 New To Me Science Websites

I have been on a mission to find some science curriculum for my daughter who is a kindergarten level. I was looking for online sites to subscribe to, free sites, and even curriculum to buy. Well I stumbled on some really good finds. Now I have a wide variety to choose from .

Easy Peasy – All In One Homeschool – Has a whole year of curriculum laid out for Kindergarten through High School on many different subjects not just science. Thought this was a bonus. I haven’t really looked over everything but there was some great ideas there.

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