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HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-on History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections Review

US Elections Lap Pak Review

If you enjoy doing Lapbooks with your kids, I highly suggest checking out the variety from Home School in the Woods. We recently received a digital copy of HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-on History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections. The suggested age group for this particular pack is grades 3 – 8.

Elections_Lap-Pak Cover Image_zpszrbqjobd

This Lap-Pak introduces your child to the United States presidential elections process through hands-on activities. It takes a brief look at the structure of the government and then goes into election process. The nice thing is it gives you a little bit of history as it was established as well. It also explains how the president is chosen.

Neville Museum – Extreme Deep Exhibit – Field Trip

Neville Museum

Last week I took the kids to the Neville Museum as they had a new exhibit called Extreme Deep. The Extreme Deep is an amazing hands on exhibit exploring life at the bottom of the sea. It was presented  by Evergreen Exhibitions in collaboration with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHO). It depicts the mysteries of the ocean floor at greatest depths, newly discovered life forms, thermal vents, close up views of deep sea research submersibles as well as shipwrecks like the titanic. Visitors  observe first hand technology that has only recently allowed men and woman to travel the ocean floor.

Moving Beyond The Page Review – Literature Based Studies

 photo title_zps55bc9663.jpg


Recently we had a chance to review Moving Beyond the Page, which is a complete homeschool curriculum of social studies, science, language arts and math. What I have come to like about this program is that it is a literature based curriculum.


My son and I reviewed the language arts online package of Lincoln. This is geared for children ages 9 – 11. In this package I received the online curriculum for Lincoln. I received the physical copies of the books A Picture Book of Fredrick Douglas and Lincoln: A Photobiography. You can purchase this package online for $30.83.

The Curiosity Files: Pufferfish – Ebook Review


I have gotten the chance to review The Curiosity Files: Pufferfish Ebook by The Old School House. In all honesty the name kind of had me curious myself. My first thought was oh those are those fish that literally puff up. I really wasn’t sure what my son was going to think about it in all honesty. I started paging through it and I was amazed by all the different learning tools. There was something in there for every kind of learner. That I must say is what impressed me the most. 

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