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Wordless Wednesday – Halloween

This year we went trick or treating by my parents. The kids made out like little bandits. Brittany wanted to be Mickey Mouse so we were going to try to do a Halloween Version however I grabbed the wrong head band so I couldn’t make mouse ears. So it was minus the mouse ears. The Tutu was made by a friend of mine who makes Tutus as well as decorated shoes and hair clips. I thought it was gorgeous. Dakota was a Zombie. Hope you all had a great Halloween!

Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Pictures

I was surprised this year that not many houses participated in Halloween. The ones who do participate turn their lights on. Not as many as last year that is for sure. Not many in my neighbor hood so we had to go across town. I was kind of disappointed. However my daughter had a blast. Her first real Halloween that she could go and trick or treat. We couldn’t get her to say trick or treat but she surely did say thank you to each and every one. Dakota didn’t want to come out at first. So when we got back my husband and son went out for a half hour and then they went down to the Youth Club for some activities.

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