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Weekly Wild Life Sanctuary Visit- Still Nesting

This week we went to the Wild Life Sanctuary again to see what stage the geese where in with there nesting. On the way there we read a book about birds, eggs, and nests. It was actually very interesting to hear the kids read about the different birds. We have robins here and I had no idea they liked berries such as raspberries and cherries. As we walked we looked for nests and the birds we read about. We did see a lot of robins.


WildLife Sanctuary – It’s Nesting Time

I love taking the kids to the Wild Life Sanctuary. It doesn’t matter what time of the year you go. You really never have the same experience as something new always pops up, or something magical happens with the animals. It’s spring here right now so it’s mating season for a lot of the animals. It was not a cold day, but not a warm day either. It was gloomy with no sunshine but it was great to get out and take that walk.

Winter Field Trip To The Wildlife Sanctuary

Winter Themed Field Trip

Since we are still working on our winter theme, we decided that we would head to the Wildlife Sanctuary and observe our surroundings. The point of this field trip was to observe how it looked as well as how the animals acted and what they were doing.

We started out in the building and let the kids burn off some energy. We also did an indoor scavenger hunt since many of the things we wouldn’t find out doors this time of year. Once finished we decided to take a walk toward the wolves. We didn’t go past the wolves because we were running out of time. It’s ok because what we did see was amazing.

Wordful Wednesday – National RailRoad Musuem

What I find interesting about the National Rail Road Museum in Green Bay, WI is the fact that the origins of the museum date back to 1956, when local individuals advanced the concept of a National Museum dedicated to the American Rail Road History. Two years later, a join resolution of Congress recognized the museum as the National Rail Road Museum. Now I can’t remember the name of the one train it was called Big something. Let me tell you these engines were HUGE. I think they are bigger then the ones they use now a days. The wheels are Huge. I was truly amazed as we were allowed to go into some of the engines and the cars and even the caboose. There was an outside too but I myself didn’t make it outside as it was to bitterly cold for me and Brittany but some of my other girls and their parents decided to venture the cold and check out the outdoors. This spring once it gets a little nicer out I plan on taking Dakota there so we can see both the inside and the outside.

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