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Girl Scouts Gold Award = Very Disappointed

I have to tell you a story about a wonderful girl who is in a ambassador girl scout troop in which I am a co-leader of. The girl is 21 and is a special needs child. She has been in Girl Scouts since she was a brownie. The reason why she is still in Girl Scouts was that she was in High School until this past year and we are finishing it up at the end of September.

Father Daughter Dance – 50s Theme

The Service Area for Girl Scouts puts on a Father Daughter Dance every year. This year we decided to do a theme. It was absolutely amazing! The DJ of course was fantastic! He really gets the Dad’s up and dancing. This is the first year that my daughter went. She isn’t in Girl Scouts as she is too little, but some of the events I am lucky I can bring her to. She always has a blast.

Busy Week Ending with Father Daughter Dance

It has been another busy week here. This past weekend we had the Father Daughter Dance for Girl Scouts. Let me tell you it was another fantastic night. We had a 50s theme. The person who planned had really neat decorations and she planned it well. We had carnations that were sold for donations to the Family Partnership Program. Which is a program that allows Girls whose parents can’t afford it to take part in Girl Scouts. It pays for their registration, dues, and sash/tunic. It also pays for council events. We sold Rootbeer and Cherry Floats, Had pictures that they could buy and decorate with the cutest little swaps of rootbeer and cherry floats. The DJ was fantastic. He seems to get the guys out there dancing with their daughters. My daughter and husband went. She had a blast dancing and she lasted the whole entire time. She had saddle shoes on with white tights and a cute white dress with huge navy blue polka dots with a pink ribbon. I will share some pictures later in the week.

Been Awhile

It seems it has been a while since I last posted. There has been so much going on here that I have been very overwhelmed. In the mist of Family stuff that I can’t go into but I am not really happy about it. I wish I could just vent it all out but for privacy reasons I don’t want to talk about it on the blog.

Edible Snowman Craft

I wanted to share this idea with you as the kids had a blast making this and eating this. Saturday we had our Girl Scout Holiday Event where the girls had different stations they stopped at to make different crafts. One of my favorites was the Edible Snowman! I can’t take credit for this idea as my Co Leader put the whole event together. My Co Leader is also a Cadette Leader as well as the School Coordinator. Each School Coordinator is putting on an event this year for the Service Area.

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