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Free Printable – Arizona State Webquest

Free Printable Arizona State Webquest


The Arizona State WebQuest is a free printable available to you, to teach your child about the state of Arizona. If your not familiar with a web quest it is basically an inquiry-orientated lessons that uses the web to find the information.

In this printable I have listed the specific website or websites the child will use to search in order to find the answer to the questions. I also included a couple of drawing activities as well as videos, recipes and a craft idea to use with your study of Arizona.


Free Telling Time By The Hour QR Codes

Hot off the press: Telling Time By The Hour Using QR Codes. If your not familiar with QR Codes they can be really awesome and give a child a sense of indolence when learning or reviewing materials. In this freebie you will only find by the hour time. There is no AM or PM in this printable.

If your not familiar with QR Codes I created a video to show you what they are and how to use them. You will need a smartphone or tablet. You will also need an app that is called a QR Code Reader. You can find free apps in both iTunes and Google Play. I am not sure about Kindle. I am sure they do exist there as well.

FREE – Interactive Notebook – Sight Words – MY – Week 2

Interactive Notebook


I think I have an interactive notebook for ever subject. I absolutely am in love with them.  If your new to them they have a few benefits. When you create these you can find everything in one place. They make great study guides and even reference material just to go back and review. They also make great memories. They are very similar to a lapbook except instead of using a manilla folder you use a notebook. There are many different types of foldables you can use. The possibilities are endless.

FREEBIE – Sight Word Interactive Notebook Week 1 – Can

Free Sight Word Interactive Notebook

I have mentioned in an early post that I LOVE interactive notebooks. They come in so handy. I really like them because you can go back and review things. Interactive notebooks are very similar to lapbooks. The only difference really is that there are a few more foldables, and the biggest difference is it is in a notebook and not a folder. Everything you need is right in your notebook.

My daughter has been doing better with sight word reading, rather then sounding things out. So I thought that each week I would make a sight word for her interactive notebook. This week we are working on the word CAN. Each day she has a different activity to do in her notebook.

FREE Sightword Practice Worksheets – Play and With

Sight Word Practice Play and With SMTTR

We are moving on to the next Scholastic Sight Word Reader. The next sight word reader we are using is Play Time, which focuses on the sight words play and with. The Teaching Guide only gives two worksheets and my daughter needs more worksheets to do in a week so I have made my own to get us through the week. So I made the next in my series of worksheets.

PicMonkey Collage

The worksheets contain: Read, Trace, Write, Color, Find the Word and Stamp.

To download your copy click the hyperlink below:

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