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K5 Learning Online Program Review

One of the things that my son struggles with is reading. I have been looking for a program that will help him enhance his skills in reading. We have been enjoying K5 Learning and their online program. For this review we received a 6 month membership. I plan to keep using it after the 6 months is up. If we don’t finish it first 🙂

FREEBIE: QR Codes Counting On

QR Codes Counting Page

My daughter needs some work in the areas of counting on. I guess I could have called this, what comes next. Either way the child is counting on. The next freebie I am going to make is counting tally marks. As she can count by fives but when she counts by fives she forgets to switch to ones. So that will be my next project.

You will need a mobile device and a QR Code Reader App. You can find these for free on both iOS and Android.

New FREEBIE: Count, Tally, Trace and Write Math Worksheets

Count Tally Trace and Write Cover


Count, Tally, Race and Write has 4 worksheets that basically introduce your child to tally marks. I thought since it is fall these tally marks with the apples were perfect to us. The object is to have your child count the number of tally marks, then have them draw the tally marks (minus the apples), then have them trace a number and in the last box they write the number out.

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