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FREEBIE: Fourth of July Patterns

I wanted to make a freebie for the Fourth of July and I still want to make some Puzzles for the Fourth of July yet. My daughter keeps seeing her friends outside so I have to sit out there with her while she is out there which makes it hard because I want to create a couple more freeibes and make some other units. If I can get some peace tonight I will make my next freebie.

FREE Fourth of July Writing Prompt

Since the Fourth of July is coming up fast I thought I would start working on some Freebies for the Fourth of July. In this  short little packet you will find some suggested ideas to use as writing prompts. Your child will draw a picture as well as write 3 – 5 sentences about the suggested prompts. You can download the writing prompt at the link below.

Fourth of July Writing Prompt


Looking at the Sky on Friday


To join us for Looking at the Sky on Friday click the graphic above.

This picture is from the 4th of July. I thought it was neat how the sun shined on the flag.


I Heart Faces – Feet Week

button - feet week

I am so excited for this weeks theme at I Heart Faces. I have a couple pictures of Brittany and her feet. LOL

If you want to join in on this theme and contest visit I Heart Faces by clicking on the button above!


As you notice in the picture Brittany does not like shoes and socks on her feet. LOL She takes after me. I love to be barefoot. This was at the park on the Fourth of July!

Looking at the Sky Friday


This was just before sunset on the Fourth of July. This was taken up at Gills Rock, WI. This was one of the boats that was racing in the boat rigada!


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