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Two Weeks and Life Has Really Handed A Curve Ball

It is amazing at just how fast things can change. One minute you think that everything is going ok…well as ok as it can be. The timing of the unexpected is what really rattles you and turns your whole world upside down. The last two weeks have gone so incredibly fast and I have to process, accept, act, be strong, and try to be as positive and ready as one can be. When I let you in my little world in this blog post…please don’t think for one minute I am pushing my faith on you. I am only telling you my experience and what has gotten me through this very unpredicted time.

What do you do when you have had enough?

I think I have some real big emotions going over the last few days. The last two days have been really rough. I actually broke down crying with frustration. It comes a time where you feel like giving up as you feel like a failure. Granted I would never give up.

I suppose your wondering where this is all coming from. The last two mornings with Dakota have been rough. Yesterday I can’t really remember. I know that he really hurt my feelings and I felt like walking out the door and not coming back. Please don’t think I would. I had a great cry. My husband said to my son are you happy you made your mother cry. My son wanted to give me a hug. I just needed my space and said just give me a little time. He ran off crying.

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