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I Can Study Esther Alone With God KJV Version – Review

I really love being able to work on a Bible Study with my daughter. She is always so excited to soak up the word. We recently had the chance to review I Can Study Esther Alone With God KJV Version by Greek ‘n’ Stuff. These Bible Studies are primarily geared for middle to upper elementary age group.

Operation Math iPhone App Review – The coolest math app!

I finally found a math game that was geared towards my sons like. There are other math games that he likes but this one tops them all. It’s called Operation Math. It’s really neat because you are kinda like a spy on a mission to Defeat Dr Odd. Dr. Odd is on a global quest to eliminate the world’s even numbers. Now we can’t let that happen. So it’s your job to stop him. You will seek out his secret bases, destroying his menancing mainframes, and make the world a safer place for math.

Serious Thinking – Autism- Homeschool Vs School

When Dakota was back in Kindergarden things were really tough with school. It was Dakota’s first time going to school all day. In October of that year he started regressing in his speech as well as his fine motor schools. Things he remembered he started losing. He missed almost a half of year of school because he was sick.

The Doctor wrote a really nice note to the school that stated something along the lines that Autistic kids and stress tend to be sick more then other kids. It also stated kindly for them to excuse his abscence. Well I think I am going to need another note this year.

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