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Free Spring Roll A Dice Set

Finally it’s starting to feel a little bit more like spring. I noticed on the news last night places away from the lake could hit the 70s. I am really not ready for 70s yet. I guess I love living on the lake at this time especially as it’s always cooler near the lake.

I am ready to get out side and have those park days with my daughter and enjoy the nice weather to take walks. So I got to thinking on how we could welcome and we have started crafting. However, we still have to finish a few more crafts before I post them.

FREEBIE: Roll A Christmas Scene

Well I was trying to make a Christmas Roll A Scene game with the new graphics I bought today. However, I couldn’t figure out how to make a creative scene with them. So the child gets to get creative to make their own scene with them.

Directions to this game are in the printable. You can download your copy by clicking the link below.

Roll A Christmas Scene

I am on the hunt for new graphics until then ENJOY!

FREEBIE: Halloween Roll and Cover Dice Game

Well this week I have planned to get a couple Halloween Games done tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the Roll A Scene done.

Tonight’s Freebie is Halloween Roll and Cover Dice Game. It’s really simple to play. For the sheets that have the numbers 1 – 12 on them you will need two dice. Roll the dice and find the sum. Color, Use a Bingo Chip, or Bingo Dotter to cover the boxes up. The first person to cover all the numbers wins. I also made sheets with the numbers 1 – 6. Where the child rolls the dice and colors the box with the correct number. The first person to color the sheet wins.

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