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Lady Bug Preschool Pack Now Available

I was hunting for some graphics a couple days ago and stumbled across some really cute lady bug graphics that I had purchased. I thought it would make for a cute preschool pack.

The Lady Bug Preschool Pack is now available. You can find it on Currclick and Teachers Notebook for $2.00. This unit is packed with activities for numbers, counting, colors, prewriting and more.

Here is a list of what you will find.

You can find the contents below:


Number Puzzles

Counting Cards

Two Part Match Ups

Color Word Tracing

Hot Off The Press: Mouse Paint Preschool Activities

Since my daughter is really into the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. I decided to create a unit that work on colors. Mouse Paint is a super cute book about three white mice who find cans of paint and turn different colors. Kids learn about the different colors and what happens when you mix colors. This is one we read over and over.

Well now you can get your Mouse Paint Preschool Activities. Here is a description: Mouse Paint Preschool Activities is an activity pack that works on colors. I created these activities to be used after reading the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. You can find a variety of activities such as word tracing, color matching, mixing colors, two part puzzles, and coloring pages.

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