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Hands on Learning: Fishery Tour and Halloween Experiments

I absolutely love the days we can do hands on things for our learning. It makes our days flow that much easier and it seems the learning is way more interesting then some of our regular school days. This week we toured the fishery and learned about the different fish that come to spawn. We also did five different Halloween themed experiments. One was a fail but that is ok as we will try again next week 🙂

A Full Hands On Day of Fun – STEM and Nature Study

STEM is one of my favorite things to do with the kids. It gets them thinking and gets creative juices flowing. What better way to spend a day, then to do hands on teaching? My friend had came over with her son on Tuesday. Her and I each picked something to teach the kids. We had no idea that either of them would take off as well as they did! The second half of our day was a really awesome live nature study. I could have spent hours there to be honest!

STEM – Shadows

C.D. “Buzz” Besadny Anadromoous Fisheries Facility Homeschool Tour

Today I had arranged for a bunch of homeschoolers to get together and tour one of the fisheries near us. I thought it was very interesting. Learned a lot of things I didn’t know as well. The kids loved it as well. I really enjoyed listening to the kids asking questions as well.

Right now the Chinook Salmon are running and they are half way through there spawning. I had no idea that once they hatched and they became finger fish I think she said they release them back into the river so they get the scent of the river and that is where they come back to spawn. They said you don’t want to eat salmon over 35 inches as the bigger they are the more pollution they are filled with. Didn’t quite understand that one but was like ok.

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