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More Bullying and More Germies Setting Camp

Well I got a call from Dakota’s teacher today. The boy Dakota has been having a conflict with had another issue at school. We don’t know exactly what started it. One of the kids that told the teacher said that Dakota said to the kid He was annoying him and the other kid punched him. That came from a kid who stuck up for Dakota.

Now Dakota said that the boy wanted to play guns and he said NO. His said his teacher said we can’t play that in school. I couldn’t understand what else Dakota was telling me as his speech was not clear. I know that the kid punched Dakota in the arm.

Round About Update

Well I never got a chance to have a meeting with the teachers this week as Dakota’s teacher, her little baby was really sick with a fever. So we rescheduled it for next week and it should be interesting.

Our meeting is about bullying, planning what to do the rest of the school year if he is sick alot, homework, and what ever other issues come up.

Bullying is so uncool


You know what really gets on my nerves is that kids pick on others because they are different. My son gets shoved into an art table by a kid who says my son is so uncool. I guess there is two kids at school that pick on them.

I am really livid about this as I see how Dakota’s reactions are at home. It’s not good! The things that roll out of his mouth saying he wants revenge on them. It’s bad enough he doesn’t know how to communicate his feelings but he is trying.

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